keskiviikko, 18. huhtikuu 2012

The heart of Shanghai

is naturally its' old town - the centrepiece of the city.  It is where the history of Shanghai as a city began. Shanghai is a relatively young city, it became its' city rights only in 1843. Yesterday I had the possibility of taking a stroll along the streets of the old town with my friends. Finally I got to saw the speciality of China; the unique rooftops. In the night lighting the houses of the old town are a breathtaking sight. They are so beautiful! We couldn't resist the temptation of having a look in the nice little shops there and buying some souveniers.

maanantai, 16. huhtikuu 2012

Sunny greetings from Shanghai!

Today it was really warm and sunny the whole day! It felt like 30 degrees Celsius in the sunny spots. My summer has arrived. And in Shanghai it is 'only spring' now. Crazy enough, the chinese are still wearing long jumpers whereas we white girls from north are running almost half naked at the campus. The chinese laughed today as they saw me and my friend sunbathing. For them it is a completely weird thought somebody might actually want to get a sun tan. Some of them even carry sun ambrellas just not to get any bit browner. I really love the chinese spring! So much better than the one in Finnland which a chinese person would probably not even recognize as spring.

maanantai, 20. syyskuu 2010

Pullaa aupairperheelle!

keskiviikko, 8. syyskuu 2010

Juustomakaronia tuunattuna

Tuunattiin Nilsin kaa valmispussin juustomakaronipata paistetulla pekonilla, herkkusienillä ja sipulilla. Nam. Kyllä maistui hyvälle!

keskiviikko, 8. syyskuu 2010

Possua herkkusienikastikkeella

 Porsaan minuuttipihvejä herkkusieni-sipulikastikkeella